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With a challenging economy for job security and raise of the gig economy, more and more people will be priced out of property investment.

Singapore property prices had risen ahead of wage growth, its getting more out of reach for normal Singaporean to consider property investments.

By starting this community, we hope to leverage technology & power of crowd sourcing to realize our dream of having a greatly profitable property portfolio for all whom take part with us.

High rise building

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We are seeking like minded individuals, whom are looking into Singapore property as their investment. Feel free to contact us and discuss your thoughts & opinions. Hopefully we understand and contribute to each other success

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Missed the boat?

Do you feel that you had missed the boat? The en bloc fever had created thousands of overnight millionaire resulting in rich poor gap in Singapore.

Private property prices had risen to a tough-to-reach level for many Singapore families.

tougher bank loans & mortages

With loan tightening and cooling measures , ( which are important for Singapore economy to remain competitive ) what methods can you be safely leverage - even if you are self employed as a freelancer or a Grab driver?