Our Belief

We are a strong believer of Singapore property market and her future.

Creating a passive income from a portfolio of Singapore properties for our families retirement fund is our eventual goal. 

To do this, we need to leverage on technology and the popularity of the sharing economy to boast our community portfolio. 

If you like to find out if we are a good fit to you, please contact us. We will add you to our group chats. 

P.S. There is no course fee or membership fee. Just sharing of knowledge & leverage on each expertise.



Our Story

A few of us get together though attending courses by property gurus that you can see online so frequently. Along the way, meet quite a number of investors as well as property players and learnt a lot from them. 

So we thought, why not create a community where all can learn from each expertise. Some course mates had done well and even initiate a property group buy ( bulk purchase) from a foreign conglomerate looking to cash out their local properties urgently.


Meet our community

We have not organised a get together yet, but hopefully in the near future. 


Next Steps…

Contact us below, so that we can understand more of your needs and our group has to offer. No bias on age / sex / occupations. 

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